Barrier-free Documents

In principle, barrier-free documents should be accessible to visually impaired people as well as to people without disabilities. Their provision is an important aspect of digitisation. In addition, their overall economic and socio-political significance is increasing.

Aktra Media GmbH takes over the creation of barrier-free PDF files, both from your existing PDF data and from your open source files. We create professional, barrier-free PDF data exactly according to the specifications of the “Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung (BITV)”.

Creation of barrier-free documents

We design PDF files and other file formats barrier-free without visual or qualitative restrictions. They are then also readable for blind and visually impaired people via assistive technologies (speech output, Braille display, magnification software). The barrier-free design also makes it easier for sighted people or people with disabilities such as dyslexia to read and use the documents.