Technical Editing

Our technical editorial staff develops concepts for documentation, researches important product information, defines the information requirements of target groups and ensures that legal and normative requirements are met.
Furthermore, our editorial staff writes texts, creates safety notes, coordinates the translations and checks the quality of the documentation. In order to create technical documentation, a variety of tasks have to be fulfilled.

Our core operational fields of activity along the process chain are:

Project and process management, service provider management
• Concept development, layout and design
• Information research
• Editorial activities
• Content development, text creation
• Authoring in the field of graphics
• Terminology work
• Quality Management
• Localization, translation, translation management
• Manufacture, production
• Publication
• Data maintenance, content management and archiving

Service from A to Z

Thus, we accompany the entire life cycle of your digital media, starting with the design and the further development, up to the conclusion under consideration of your Corporate Identity. Through order processing tailored to your wishes, and a regular exchange of information, we can guarantee you the highest possible quality and efficiency.

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