AKTRA Media GmbH sees its task in IT support as being able to solve problems quickly and sustainably and to be able to communicate technological aspects with employees and customers in an easily understood manner.

Having an expert IT supporter is essential for customer and employee satisfaction. Whatever your level or area of need for IT support, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with a free and non-binding offer.

First Level – Basic Support

In 1st-Level-Support we directly take care of technical inquiries from customers. This can be done by telephone or directly at the customer’s premises. If a simple problem solution is possible, this is carried out directly in 1st-level support. If this is not possible, we will forward the requests to 2nd level support.

Second Level – Extended Support

In 2nd-Level-Support we focus our attention on possible product defects in case of problems.
Thanks to our many years of experience in troubleshooting and analysis of technical challenges in IT support, we can prioritize individual cases according to urgency and feasibility. After the problem analysis we look for established solutions from previous cases, usually close the respective support case and give the end user feedback.

Systems integration

We offer planning and configuration of IT systems. This includes installing and setting up hardware components, operating systems and networks according to customer requirements. In the event of faults, we are on-site with modern diagnostic systems and help our users with application problems.