Video – Image – Sound

We offer the following range of services within our studio portfolio:

image enhancements

• color enhancement (RGB, saturation)
• Sharpness (sharpening and blurring)
• Brightness control (brightness, contrast) and anti-flicker filter


sound optimization

• High frequency boost
• Dynamic volume controls
• Sound adjustments
• Noise reduction


video effects

• Art filters
• Distortion
• Video Mix (Chromakey)
• motion effects (e.g. camera/zoom or rotation)
• excerpts, picture-in-picture collages
• Video effect plug-in support
• Automatic scene detection
• From photo collages to multimedia shows
• Suitable sounds for the background music
• Recording and import of all common video formats
• Optimization of video and audio materials
• Inserting apertures, titles and effects
• Uploading the films to the Internet


We also create menu-driven DVDs. Special excerpts from their recordings can also be put together for a new production.

We make a distinction:


A “project” includes everything you want to place on your storage medium. Usually these are one or more films (including a menu structure to be able to select the films later on the disc).


Motion picture

The “film” can be a single video film or a combination of arbitrary videos and photos. In addition to the images, it can also contain music, title texts, crossfade effects and much more.
Each film can be exported individually as a video. The “project” can be seen as a kind of collection in which you put one or more films to edit together or to burn them onto a disc.


“Objects” are the individual parts of a film.
There are very different object types:

• Videos
• Photos
• Title
• Aperture
• Decorative elements
• Audio (sound)

On request, we can duplicate your media in bulk and send it to the desired recipients.